Registration will close on July 15th and there will be no refunds after that date.

You may attend GORP 2014 free of charge but if you plan to participate in ANY event please have your credit card available as you will be asked to pay at the end of the registration process. Each attendee must use his/her unique email address as entering a duplicate address will display the registration page for that previously entered address. After entering your email address you will be asked to create and enter a password. If you have any post registration changes you can access your registration information with this email address and password and make your changes. Please do not attempt to register more than one person on each registration page.


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Golf Outing
Dale B. Wade Memorial Golf Outing
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Guinness International Champions Cup Manchester United vs Real Madrid
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Kayak/Canoe Trip down the Huron River
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Zingermanís Bakehouse Event
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We highly encourage staying at the dormitory and all dormitory rooms will be double occupancy and air conditioned! Here is a link describing the features of our dorms and use your browser back button to return here.
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Although every effort will be made to pair you with your requested roommate, we cannot guarantee your preference. Please be sure that your 'preferred roommate' also requests you as his/her 'preferred roommate'. Please use full names.

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